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The DO'S and DONT'S of the Mortgage Loan Process:

May 18th, 2018 2:54 PM by Mike Herborn

DO: Make sure your loan is approved, not just pre-approved or pre-qualified.
DON’T: Go house shopping without knowing what you can afford.

DO: Understand your credit and know your credit scores.
DON’T: Open or close credit lines without first consulting with your Loan Originator.

DO:  Keep the lines of communication open.
DON’T:  Be slow to respond to your Loan Team.

DO: Make a Savings Plan
DON’T: Make major purchases or open credit cards/loans.

DO: Maintain your current employment and income
DON’T:  Make major changes such as quitting your job or changing jobs.

DO: Have a paper trail for funds coming in and out of your account. 
DON’T:  Make large cash deposits into your bank account other than your paycheck.

DO: Keep good records.
DON’T:  Be surprised if you are asked for additional documents. 

DO: Ask questions.
DON’T: PANIC! (Let your Loan Originator at Stepping Stone Mortgage handle it!!)

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Posted by Mike Herborn on May 18th, 2018 2:54 PM