Why ask for FHA Loan?


FHA loan is a home loan insured by the Federal Housing Administration.   

There are a lot of reasons to ask for an FHA loan instead of taking a conventional or an expensive and riskier non-conforming mortgage loan.  FHA has many advantages and benefits that other loans do not cover.

  1. Easier to Qualify because FHA insures your mortgage and we are more willing to give you a loan with lower qualifying requirements which makes it easier for you as a buyer to qualify.
  2. Less than perfect credit, even if you may have had credit problems, such as bankruptcy, it’s easier for you to qualify for an FHA loan than a conventional loan.
  3. Low down payment with a low 3.5% down payment - that money can come from a family member, employer, or charitable organization. Other loans do not allow this.
  4. Costs Less – FHA loans have competitive interest rates because the loans are insured by the Federal Government. 

Always compare an FHA loan with other loan types.

Stepping Stone Mortgage, Inc. is a qualified mortgage lender with all loan officers and processing staff trained to handle your questions. Our dedicated staff will help you through the loan process in a very efficient manner for you to purchase or refinance your home.

For additional information please click on the link below.

For additional information please click on the link below.

HUD.GOV     FHA - Federal Housing Administration   


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